Please respect the livestock (sausages don’t grow on trees).

I’m into food & I love animals. So, it makes sense if you’re going to eat one, you make sure that you treat it with respect and waste as little as possible. Nose to tail.

The Chefs School at River Cottage know all about it, I was lucky to be able to attend this fantastic course. What chef Gary Richmond doesn’t know about prepping and cooking a well reared animal, isn’t worth knowing. His respect for the animals he prepares and cooks, shines through in both taste and cooking techniques.

I can’t recommend this course enough, whether you’re pro chef, blogger, home cook or keen enthusiast…or hungry/greedy photographer.

MrNickHook-Photography-1806 MrNickHook-Photography-1789 MrNickHook-Photography-1654 MrNickHook-Photography-1615 MrNickHook-Photography-1609 MrNickHook-Photography-1749 MrNickHook-Photography-1718 MrNickHook-Photography-1939 MrNickHook-Photography-1753 MrNickHook-Photography-2017 MrNickHook-Photography-1933 MrNickHook-Photography-1621 MrNickHook-Photography-1912


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