Why not choose an apprenticeship with River Cottage?

Great location, multi award-winning scheme, dedicated chef tutors, beautiful seasonal produce just meters from the stove tops…oh and the occasional familiar  “Hello gang!”  from a certain Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

That’s right, there are no reasons not to.

Take a look for yourself and pass it on.

MrNickHook-Photography-4487 MrNickHook-Photography-4524 MrNickHook-Photography-4585 MrNickHook-Photography-4595 MrNickHook-Photography-4619 MrNickHook-Photography-4625 MrNickHook-Photography-4635 MrNickHook-Photography-4653 MrNickHook-Photography-4664 MrNickHook-Photography-4666 MrNickHook-Photography-4687 MrNickHook-Photography-4707 MrNickHook-Photography-4714 MrNickHook-Photography-4723 MrNickHook-Photography-4760 MrNickHook-Photography-4777 MrNickHook-Photography-4786 MrNickHook-Photography-4790 MrNickHook-Photography-4793 MrNickHook-Photography-4798 MrNickHook-Photography-4816 MrNickHook-Photography-4818


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