Hello Penzance! The Shore, has arrived.

There is an obvious attraction to food photography. Gluttons clutching full frame sensors armed with macro attachments, while they salivate like enthusiastic hyenas, repeating the phrase “It would be a shame not to”.

I, am no exception.

However, occasionally you come across a perfectly wonderful meal that makes you smile and make “mmmmm” noises like a true pro. Chef Bruce Rennie at The Shore, Penzance did just that. I had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious meal, so bold in its simplicity, I almost forgot to pick up my picture box and do what I love to do. Luckily my love of great food is only matched by my passion for taking photos of it (cue the snap happy hyena).

Bruce cooks food that you wish you had. Working with seasons he keeps the menu simple, uses locally sourced produce from cornish suppliers and his very own garden allotment! If you get a chance, if he gets a spare moment (after all he’s a chef), have a chat with him. The enthusiasm about the journey his home grown strawberries had between patch to plate, was wonderful to hear. Evoking the child in me, I imagined ripened berries wearing rucksacks, whistling as they skip down the hill towards their delicious destiny paired with vanilla and set cream…

I think you should stop reading, have a peek at my images and go visit…best to call first tho.



MrNickHook-Photography-6549 MrNickHook-Photography-6591






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