…but it’s oh so nice to come home.

Some places you go to eat. There are some that entice you with drinks of botanical greatness, you go to drink. Others fill a gap between lunch and breakfast. You book, you order, you eat, jump in a taxi, tell friends “it was great”.

Then there’s Casamia.

Upon walking up to the door, fronted with glass, set within a stone arch and now at their new harbour side location. Paco greeted us with a warm broad smile and the familiar feeling of being welcome soon took over, setting the flavour for the rest of the evening.

I’m not going to write a review or wax lyrical about each of the outstanding dishes and drinks that were paired, that is for you to discover. Make up your own mind, write your own review, everyone’s doing it these days – come on in, the water’s fine…and crowded.

What I will say is this, the place is built on passion and hard graft. It’s the continuing vision of two extremely inspirational brothers. The evolving legacy of one and the continuing voyage of another. Crewed with incredible talent, you’d be forgiven to say that they seem more of a ‘family’ than a team. A family that kicks culinary ass even when the very worst happens. A truly welcoming, ‘forge on through blood, sweat and tears’ good humoured, broad smiling family that welcome you into their home.

At least, that’s what I think.




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