Top Pop Up

The spring bank holiday came around, the sun stapled a bonnet upon its radioactive bonce and as if by magic, a restaurant popped out of nowhere. Topsham Quay became the destination of a temporary restaurant, serving tasty plates of tapas alongside wines, local beers and cider. Praying on my base need to sample the pleasures of the dish and appeasing the belly gods of old. The hosts Pop-Up Resturant and Bar made sure every effort was taken to keep the delights flowing. In return, I made sure that my love of all things foodie was known by waxing lyrical to their team long after the warmth had left the last emptied seat. An unfair trade on my part, a kind and patient offering on theirs.

We went, we ordered and we dined. The sun shone, glasses clinked and the sunset joined in the fun.

I am hoping they’ll have another soon. It was good fun.




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