The Quest to Arundell: A Foodie Fellowship

Dawn broke over the misty waters of Topsham, its golden welcome danced upon the estuary like sand upon a vibrating cymbal. With the sound of the crow, bags packed and wagon fully loaded we set off on our journey. We would head west and we would feast.

Along ancient highways we went; roads that have seen many a weary traveller roaming the west country in search of lost treasure or seeking known wonders. Our transport spirited us along with great haste as eagles soared overhead. We passed a mighty hill carpeted with lush green grass, topped with a grove of trees and thick with the chatter of rabbits. Our destination was but a moment away – The Arundell Arms.

Upon entering the village of Lifton, a wizard whispered mystical words long since forgotten as a mighty dragon flew overhead and…

No, no I can’t carry on like this. That’s the last time I fall asleep listening to Tolkien’s greatest hits!

Welcomed with a smile, we were led to our room that had views of Dartmoor on either side (room 17 – ask for it!) and we patiently waited for dinner. Patiently with a cider or two, sitting in the sun of course.

Opting for the five course taster menu, it was well worth the wait. Head Chef Steve Pidgeon had created strong, classic dishes that ticked all of my gluttonous boxes. Thankfully, I remembered to pack an appetite… right next to my stretchy trousers.

Take the quest for yourself, it’s delicious.




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