We flew with the mighty Elk…

I’m a greedy guts. My teeth like to nibble. The taste buds that I own aren’t easy to please. This ol’stomach of mine quite often demands more than my bank balance can dish out. I have eyes that seem to naturally sting and seep actual acid at the sight of a poorly chosen menu. Basically I am a nightmare when it comes to deciding on a place to eat, so treble that when I’m on holiday.

So, here I am in Stockholm. Holidaying with all of my might. I’m wearing the natural factor 30 sunshine protection musk and with my glorious British legs, blinding those that foolishly left their sunglasses next to the kettle at home. It’s way past lunch time, the streets of Gamla Stan are a buzz with the people of the world and my hunger is looking at me in much the same way a dog looks at a roast chicken on a dinner table. A feeling of dread ran through me; the age old game of restaurant roulette is about to take place. Place your bets now! Winner takes all and the loser leaves his brains on a wall… shortly before walking past that perfectly nice bistro with outside seating and a small but inviting menu. You know the place.

Let’s jump right to the end of the book, something I’d never do normally, but since I’m the one hurling words towards a computer screen at an impressive 24.5 a minute, I’ll make an exception.

My MUCH better half and I, now standing second in a queue (I know, a queue! Perfect for a couple of brits on holiday. All I needed was something to complain about; a man in Crocs maybe. But I’m not greedy) felt the warm comforting glow of an exciting, well written menu. Our foodie woes washed away. Enter, stage right The Flying Elk, Stockholm. This beauty of restaurant born from the mind palace of Chef Björn Frantzén, certainly saved me from having to make up an elaborate fib as to what and where I ate during my first day in Stockholm.

With great decor, a friendly greeting at the door and an extremely engaging team throughout the faultless tasting menu. The Flying Elk was to our dining experience what the Corby trouser press is to a good pair of slacks after a four hour car journey. Our travel weary foodie pangs ironed away, leaving nothing but warm trousers on a freshly changed duvet…

Unlike my metaphors, Björn and his team have created a menu that makes absolute sense. It was a delight to discover.

Go on, book a cab, plane, boat or train – GO!





One thought on “We flew with the mighty Elk…

  1. Loving the metaphors in this! Nothing better than to spend your hard earned money and be rewarded with a great food experience.

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