Love that shack!

Sometimes life hands you a cutlass. You just have to grab it by the hilt, scruff up your face, find that lost swagger and pirate-up yourself more than the global meeting of Jack Sparrow’s anonymous. I think I should add that metaphor is clinging by the tips of its fingers, waiting, hoping that no one notices its weak link as I stumble towards the whole point of this hastily poured bowl of alphabet spaghetti to say  – welcome to Exeter, The Rum & Crab Shack!


Rum, you say… Crab, I hear you mutter… combined in a shack? Surely this is what the B52’s were singing about! A little place that welcomes all. Bring your hungry tumms, safe in the knowledge that deliciously crunchable grub is served with a welcome smile. A place that won’t judge, should sauce make its home on your chin. A land thats’s filled by the sound of the clattering majesty of shell crackers. The gasps of glee as cartilage is sent soaring into the heavens only to land in the well teaselled hair of a fair maiden.

It is a welcome spot where crab is king and sauce unites all in finger-licking serenity.

You may find yourself, mouth a-gape in awe of the array of fine spirits. Spiced, honeyed, vanilla splashed, heady and gentle. It’ll easily leave you worrying about the Rum that got away. It turns out that not all drinking establishments are equal. The R&CS has fantastic booze covered. So much so you’ll find yourself wondering what the hell you’re doing when partaking in a tipple somewhere else. This is not my beautiful rum. This is not my beautiful life.

Eating with lucky abandon, sampling as much as we could and savouring each bite. Drinking (responsibly, ahem) rums and cocktails. Murmuring with delight at each sip, happy molasses burnt orange smiling fools are we.

It’s a fine place to dine.


The mighty, Old Fashioned Diplomat – didn’t last long. Think I’ll return with an old typewriter and sip these into the dark hours.


Deadmans Fingers, their own small batch spiced rum. Perfect for the inner pirate.


Classic, the Mojito. It cools and ignites with all of the zest of flaming mint bush! It meets a summers day head, then links arms with it and skips across the sand.


Shack Burger. Crunchy soft-shell crab in a lovely brioche home.


Mac’n’Cheese Croquettes. Thats mac’n’cheese croquettes, in case you missed it the first time. Epic. Best eaten, all of the time.


Lobster & Cajun Prawn Roll. It’ll make your tastebuds dance to bluegrass and you’ll feel cool chewing it.


Cajan Shrimp Po Boy. What in the dickens is a po boy? This is a po boy. It’s delicious, eat two of them.


Crab Taco. Lights as a fether, packs a flavour punch that’ll salsa you into a happy place. Spill some on your hand/lap/shirt or all three!


Teriyaki Crab Claws. I dare you NOT to drink the dressing with a straw. Crackingly good, makes you work for your supper and you’ll be all the better for it.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Yes, chicken. Crunchy and succulent – it’s what the bird would have wanted.


Crab Balls. When I die do what you like, but please toss a few of these in with me. Bigger than you’d expect…




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