As the birch burned, we dined.

Fire, smoke, iron, earth and wood.

We wanted to fill our bellies, that was a given. Our teeth are worn from experimental chomps and chews that our wallets would like to forget. At times our passports, not quite as used as they’d like, seem like table invites. Sirens that compel a new dining wonder and seemingly in cahoots with eateries and chef patrons.

We wanted to fill our bellies, but we got more…

Ekstedt – a restaurant literally fuelled by fire, set burning by Niklas Ekstedt, was our destination. With flames dressed up in all its forms, captured in boxes, smokers, open fires and stoves. The team at Restaurant Ekstedt manages to introduce the very best of Nordic produce, to the fury of flames with the light touch of a butterflies wing.

Perched upon a stool, we sat at the Chefs Table, which is in this case, the pass. Sipping upon martinis flashed with birch sap and smoke. We witnessed each and every dish that emerged out of the kitchen, handled with a deft touch, each borne from a baptism of fire and delivered with knowledge and passion. With each sensory adventure we became more and more aware that we are elemental beings. When you feel the heat of the flames, see the cast iron pans blackened by fire, smell the silver birch as it passes from one form to another, releasing its destructive energy enabling the creation of new forms of edible matter; phoenixes rising from the ash. You are reminded of where we come from.

Fire, smoke, iron, earth and wood.





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