Hello I take photos of food. 

That’s right, that’s last nights dinner right there. There on the floor. Pea and onion lentils, three fish fingers and a fried egg. On the floor. I’ll capture an image of food anywhere. Bit of sriracha squirt for a bit of grime-sexy. Old tea towel in the mix. Radio 4 blasting in the background (high brow init) Glamorous. New neighbour peering out of his window, gazing across the void. Photons bouncing back into retina. Calculations and adjustments almost instantaneous. Piecing together a bearded man in a big jumper, clutching a canon camera with his dinner on the floor. Smiling gleefully. Quickly snatching kitchen roll to wipe crimson squirt. Eats cold meal. #foodphotography #shortstory



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