Iron forged with bacon & beef.

I tend to gravitate towards open fire cooking. Just scroll down through my, admittedly, limited blog selection and you’ll see a handful of smoky-posts. Read how I relish the way flame laps at food, scorching flavour deep into its nom-nommery… you get it.

So with a happy heart (and very low light) I found myself stood next to a fire pit, while various cuts of deliciously high-welfare meat grilled above glowing fire balls – behind my camera you’d find my happy face…and a little tear of joy.

mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7887Peter, cooking an incredible banquet of sizzling, crisp-crackling, lip-smacking meat!

I had the pleasure of eating fantastic produce from Pipers Farm (at Pipers Farm, I should add). Cooked on an open fire pit with in snapping distance of the creators of this smoking iron cauldron, Dean Forge. Not one to dine alone, I was summoned along with other like-minded souls, eagerly awaiting the fruits of the farm to experience the full workings of their new product, The Dartmoor Baker stove. I want one, you’ll want one. It’s a wood fired stove that you can cook a chicken in, while boiling a kettle and frying some bacon… in your living room!


mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7996mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-8Got a chance to hang out with the legend that is, Marcus Bawdon (on the right) aka CountryWoodSmoke – master of all things smoke and flame!

mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7852mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7863mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7898mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-6mrnickhook-photography-puertoloungemrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-4Let’s just take a moment to soak up this pancetta. That’s it, close your eyes. Slink your mind off to it’s happy place. Yeah, I know. Juicy, smokey and melt in the mouth… Stay in there for a while. Ain’t nobody judging you. We’re all friends here.

mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-3mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-2mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7922mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7983mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7984mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-7919mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-8083mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-8088mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-8106mrnickhook-photography-puertolounge-8054Check it out. Contact them. Call your builder. Buy that shed you’ve dreamed about. Just make it work, you know it’ll be worth it.


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