A little bite with big flavours.

Winding down the back lanes of North Devon we rode. Between hedges thick with the sound of small nervous creatures, gearing up for their nocturnal lives to start. Passing ancient grain stores and dilapidated barns perched on the edge of farmland, like grim vultures over looking its next buffet. Small hamlets, littered with a handful of homes, with windows lit inquisitively, as if they were taking a peep at the passing strangers.  The clouds opened a crack and the rain fell in spots and spits as we reached our journeys end. Le Petit Bouchée , Witheridge.

With their iconic 1971 Citroen HY camper parked outside, greeting diners as they approach the unassuming french bistro. We knew we were at the right place. It’s a sky blue beacon that could make you smile even on the dullest of days. I swear it gave us a wink of approval as we nestled our steed in it’s mooring opposite.

I and a few others had the luck of being invited to a tasting of the newly re-located Le Petit Bouchée. The following is a brief account of some of the food snaffled that evening.

nickHookphotography-LePetitBouchee1-8nickHookphotography-LePetitBouchee1-5Baked mussels with samphire – have you ever wanted to swipe away the hands of others when something delicious comes your way? No sharing. No caring. Just greed and the need to fill your big fat mouth with tasty edibles. Yeah, that almost happened.

nickHookphotography-LePetitBouchee1-16Confit Duck, Lentils – So comforting and delicious you’d want to build a wall around your zone of comfort. This is food worth fighting for, the stuff of big jumpers, family moments, sunny evenings and generous glasses of wine. This conjures future food memories where you admiatly say how eating was better back then…wonderful.

nickHookphotography-LePetitBouchee1-18In a former life this cow must have been frisky with Barry White because this was (cue my New York. Jewish, lady accent) LIKE BUTTER! I may have channeled my inner hyena, smiling devilishly as I circled around this platter of beef, claiming as much of it as possible. No regrets. Just buttery-beefy glory!

nickHookphotography-LePetitBouchee1-20Great Cheese – no word flourishes needed.Just look at that relaxed fromage.

nickHookphotography-LePetitBouchee1-26The main lady of the night, creator of these amazing dishes and utterly fantastic, Anita-Clare. Just 30 seconds into listening to Anita-Clare talk you can tell just how passionate she is about what she’s doing. It’s not just about serving up food that fills up the stomachs of her customers. But it’s more about leaving their souls recharged by creating meals that craft food memories. Triggering the nostalgic, foodie love-o-meter. It certainly comes from love, family and from the heart of the home – a generous kitchen.

If I were you and tho i’m not (i’m not as a attractive and my handwriting is appalling), I’d head right here to find out more about this wonderful restaurant and history of its relocation.

Welcome to Devon, Anita-Clare & Caroline! Thanks for chugging that Citroen down the M5. I think the Southwest just became a little bit richer for it.





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