Something delicious, just off the estuary…

What the hell are you doing on the M5 motorway? Seriously, I urge you to get off at the Exeter junction and follow signs for Topsham. That’s right… or left depending on the direction you’re headed. Follow the estuary south, snaking its way along, littered with boats, cormorants, buoys and the odd enthusiastic swimmer. And you’ll stumble across Topsham. Now, set within the heart of this proud little estuary town is The Salutation Inn.

In the kitchen of this beautifully presented hotel/restaurant is Chef, Tom Williams-Hawkes. At the pass he’s like falcon. Spotting details, swooping in to check for seasoning and triple checking presentation. Don’t let this introduction bias you towards just one man, he prides himself on his well oiled, fighter ready squadron of chefs. Managing to give 100% support to new recruits and fledgling fliers, nurturing the next generation of chefs. And with his passionate front of house team, plates of well balanced, beautiful looking but more importantly tum-slappingly delicious food glide from the pass to the punter.


Yes, I started off with pics of puddings, so what? Just look at this food!

You know that evening in the next few weeks when you’ll be thinking, you may even say it out load “Darling, what shall we have for dinner tonight?” That’s right, “Darling” you’re much posher than you think. I bet you make fake coffee machine noises when making out-of-the-jar-instant, you filthy fantastic animal you. What was I saying? Ah yes, I’ll save you the trouble as I have been given the luxury of insider knowledge, just click this link and your evening will be sorted. 

Go on, you deserve it. But don’t just take my word for it, check out what these guys have to say  they know great food.


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