Flexing their mussels.

There are worst ways to spend a rather grey Tuesday morning, than menu tasting the new selection of mussel dishes at Rockfish. Incredible flavours of Thailand, Devon cider and the old faithful moules mariniere. All paired with incredible sourdough from The Almond Thief.

Big thanks to Kirk for the demo and Miles from Exmouth Mussels for the stars of the show.

NHPonevoiceportraits-2Kirk, group head chef of Rockfish and lover of a great chip!

NHPonevoiceportraits-4NHPonevoiceportraits-6NHPonevoiceportraits-9NHPonevoiceportraits-7NHPonevoiceportraits-10That sourdough from The Almond Thief

NHPonevoiceportraits-11Gaby, one half of The Devon Foodie

NHPonevoiceportraits-17NHPonevoiceportraits-15Mr Marcus Bawdon, great cook and lover of flames & smoke.

NHPonevoiceportraits-18NHPonevoiceportraits-21NHPonevoiceportraits-30NHPonevoiceportraits-35NHPonevoiceportraits-36NHPonevoiceportraits-39NHPonevoiceportraits-38NHPonevoiceportraits-41NHPonevoiceportraits-51Myles, a man that loves sustainably sourced seafood.





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