Outstanding, in their field…kitchen.

You know, that hazy-rainy-sunny-Devonian Friday. Just after last Thursday and sandwiched neatly between Saturday. On the edge of a field, found on a farm like fields usually are. Lies a shed. An open to the elements, cows & ramblers kinda shed. And in this shed delicious happenings occur. Just like this pop-up, captured in my many, many images photo set. Go ahead, flick though’em.


In this wooden structure held together by tallow, straw, bacon sarnies, fishing wire, meat hooks & sheer cheffy will power. Tim Maddams held a pop-up and invited Juanita Hennessey aka FosburyFoodie to cook things up.


Smokey wood fired mackerel licked by the flames of an ancient English woodland. Deep beetroot soup with nettle tempura, a true labour of love. Rhubarb spelt tarts, brushed with a jammy glaze. Hogget with wild garlic, served with a celeriac purée and lamb sauce – flavours of the earth itself (not necessarily in that order).


I went. I saw. I ate. I was very, very pleased I did. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening x.


Follow Tim for more Chef Shed pop-ups featuring more lovely cheffy types 👍🏻


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