The Ginger Peanut.

What do you look for in a restaurant? Is it stunning location? People watching? Fast, furious dine then off to your meeting? Lovely staff? Surly waiting staff, for that laughable “do you remember when” experience? High table setting or wipe & dine table tops? High end, fine dining menu? Or is it simply, a place that serves good food. The combinations of the above and more, can be endless. I’m sure there’s an actual figure that those with much more of a mathematical brain than mine (I’m useless, basically a goat staring at a calculator, slowly chewing as my eyes glaze over – useless) could come up with. Sometimes’s it’s just that happy accident when you stumble across a place, that fits your hankerings, the stars align and the sisters of fate seem to weave an extra comfy cushion cover. I suppose it’s a combination of science, art, love and luck. But above all, it must be a pleasure.

That’s exactly what Harry and I felt when we were invited to hang out at The Ginger Peanut, Bampton – it was a Pleasure.


With 5 beautifully decked out bedrooms, each individual in their furnishings. A private dining room, perfect for birthdays, family celebrations or a group of super villains wishing to hatch a dastardly plan, while dining on locally sourced food cooked with love. And of course the very comfortable dining room. The #GingerPeanut is a wonderful location, hailed as one of “The top 20 best newly opened Hotels in the UK, 2018” – The Guardian. The seasonal menu is a confident, restrained selection of bistro classics using produce from local sources. From French onion soup, Carpaccio of Beef, pork belly to a good selection of steaks, cooked to your liking. Oh and a great pudding selection – not a sticky toffee pudding or chocolate brownie in sight I’m pleased to say!


If you’re one that worries about portion sizes, the ‘GP’ will have you breathing a sigh of relief. I must admit, As a man that likes to try EVERYTHING, the portion sizes were massive. I left feeling full as an egg! my only criticism, which is purely personal, based on being an ironic glutton and a grazer.


All in all, it was a pleasure. A pleasure to be greeted with smiles and interest. Pleasure to be sat in such a comfortable and fun dining room. Built for an evening of eating and not to turn tables. A pleasure to be looked after by attentive & lovely waiting staff.

Oh and pleasure to crack into well seasoned, moorish crackling on the pork belly!

Thank you so much.


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