Crunch, tang, string, smile.

Lunch. Lunch out. “Im getting lunch out”. In town, eating at lunch time. “I forgot my jam sandwich’s!” Making time, for lunch. “Hey Phil, what you doing for lunch?”. Lunch, lunch, luncheony lunch!

Just forget what you packed for lunch, forget it. It’s probably something you’ve eaten 600+ times or more. Its boring you, you’re in a rut, c’mon, you know this. Face it, it’s time to break up with old normy-munch.

Don’t despair, I’ve got something for you, a nugget of sleazy deliciousness.

It’s willing to be shared around, with a touch of naughty and definitely a tingle for the tongue – but that’s what you like, isn’t it? To help you get over your ex-lunch, I give you the cheese & kimchi toasted sandwich at Exploding Bakery

…shhh let’s not say anything more.


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