A magical meatstery tour…

65 day, dry aged steaks. 65 days. 65. Sirloin. Dirty hanger steaks…

It’s fair to say that Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke fame, is a meaty genius. He cooked me one of the most memorable steaks of my life, I’ll repeat “65 day old, dry aged steaks. 65 days. 65. Sirloin. Dirty hanger steaks…” If seeing is believing, then you must taste this uber complex, umami packed wee beastie of a cut to understand.

Seek it out, don’t be scared, do not go quietly into your local butchers.

Cheers Marcus, thanks for lunch!

What follows is more of a dream than a photo-journal.  Maybe I lumbered down the rabbit hole, after an enchanted Aberdeen Angus…

MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9870 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9871 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9908 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9907 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9904 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9912 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9922 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9953 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9956 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9960 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9969 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9972 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9978 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9986 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-9989MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-0013 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-0029 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-0008 MrNickHook-Photography-DWS-2


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