A new standard has just been set.

A few moons ago I was invited to the launch of Exeter’s newest hangout, South Street Standard. This is the younger sibling of Bristol’s  Urban Standard & North Street Standard, and Cardiff’s Society Standard.

South Street Standard, with its clean, modern-industrial interior has a really cool vibe. Not too hipster and not at all stuffy, though a few well-teaselled beards, chunky knit jumpers and expertly quafered hair cuts will certainly find themselves happy – ale in hand, watching the world go by. Judging coffee choices and explaining why they’re ‘over’ Brewdog ever since they sold out. 

This is a charming place to hangout with an inviting menu. It has the hallmarks of a regular haunt for those that give a damn about their food and drink.

Both of the existing ‘Standards’ seem to have their own identity, forged by their locations and micro-culture that inhabit them. So it will be great to see how this cool, not so little (set over three floors) business evolves over time. 

Scroll down and check out a few snaps from the launch night. Then pop in and order a Double Standard, it’s ace.

NHPTSouthStreetSTan-28NHPTSouthStreetSTan-47NHPTSouthStreetSTan-45NHPTSouthStreetSTan-39NHPTSouthStreetSTan-42NHPTSouthStreetSTan-17Chris Gower, a wonderful bear of man and the brain and hands behind Dining Devon.

NHPTSouthStreetSTan-18NHPTSouthStreetSTan-7NHPTSouthStreetSTan-10The lovely Lauren Heath, co editor of Dining Devon

NHPTSouthStreetSTan-4NHPTSouthStreetSTan-5NHPTSouthStreetSTan-6NHPTSouthStreetSTan-3BBQ pitmaster, great cook, photographer, videographer and all round nice guy, Marcus Bawdon.

NHPTSouthStreetSTan-15NHPTSouthStreetSTan-21NHPTSouthStreetSTan-22NHPTSouthStreetSTan-31Steve Heath – Blogger, chilli head and chef on a mission to discover great food

NHPTSouthStreetSTan-30NHPTSouthStreetSTan-20Hummus, dukka and the crispest of crisp bread – moorish.

NHPTSouthStreetSTan-33NHPTSouthStreetSTan-34NHPTSouthStreetSTan-49Blogger, Food PR siren and a lady that knows great food – Natalie Brereton



3 thoughts on “A new standard has just been set.

  1. Just read this Nick – it’s brilliant. Thank you so much – the pictures are awesome as well!

    Would love to catch up with you and Harry when I’m next down 🙂

    Nat xx

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